ATA Appoints New President

Alfredo Espinosa of New York City, former Senior Director for Global Business Development at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, will assume the ATA President position later in May. Espinosa, a native of Mexico, has had extensive experience as a manager of non-profit organizations in the cultural and sustainable development fields. He formerly was chief executive officer of the Mexican Rural Development Foundation, which, among other activities, helped establish micro enterprises that have benefited thousands of low-income rural families, including artisans. After completing his Master of Business Administration degree at Columbia University, Espinosa worked as an international management consultant for corporations as well as non-profit entities.

ATA is a recognized leader in economic development within the global crafts sector. Since its founding in 1976, the organization has worked in more than 110 countries assisting artisans to improve the quality and marketing of their products. ATA provides training and other assistance, in collaboration with partnership organizations. More than 30,000 artisans a year participate in ATA programs.